Play and Learn School


Play and Learn

PALS' curriculum focuses on the whole child;  this is done through monthly, theme-based child-centered and teacher-directed activities.  Each day, PALS considers the child's social, emotional, cognitive and physical development.  PALS strongly believes that a child learns best through play.  Because of this, the curriculum is filled with fun and creative projects that make learning enjoyable.

The children are invited to participate in various centers that focus on art, sensory experiences, small and large motor activities, and imagination.  They also join the teacher for circle times that include stories, music and movement, and simple lessons that begin to prepare them for elementary school.  Each month, they go on a field trip to reinforce what they are learning in school. Through our carefully planned curriculum, a child discovers who he/she is an a individual and as a member of a community, and learns the value of education.  PALS' students are confident, well-rounded, happy learners who do well in Kindergarten and continue to love school and thrive in all areas of growth and development.